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This is the screen that you will see at your first login when you have not added any votes yet

Different states of a vote

There are three states a vote can have in NemoVote: Draft, open, closed.

  • Draft vote: This vote is still in draft mode. You can still change all vote details (name, voting rights etc.). This vote is not visible to voters. Changes that you make to voting lists (and thus to voting rights) will still effect this vote.
  • Open votes: Open votes are live. You can no longer edit them. Voters can now vote as long as the vote is open. Changes to voter lists (like removing voters) will not have an effect of this vote, as the instance a vote is open it has a digital snapshot of all eligible voters that cannot be altered.
  • Closed votes: Votes that have expired or have been manually closed by the admin. Voting is no longer possible.
For reasons of voting security and maintaining the integrity of the ballot it is not possible to delete votes once they where opened. The result of those votes will remain in NemoVote until all data of the database is deleted. In the future, NemoVote will have an archive vote function, where you can archive e.g. test votes / votes that had to be redone – but deletion of once opened votes will remain impossible.

Creating your first vote

Click on + Create vote to start building your first vote. You will be redirected to a page where you can set up all the details of your vote.

Vote title

You can add a title your vote by typing in the form field shown above. In order to enable fast voting without many settings and clicks we kept the vote title optional. If you don’t fill the field out, NemoVote will add an automatic title with a date/timestamp.

We recommend filling in a custom vote title so that its clear for each voter what they are voting on.

The tables that show all votes are sortable by e.g. name. If you start your vote title with a common denominator you can arrange different votes very easily. E.g. you have different voting lists with members arranged by continents and they all vote. You could start vote titles with something that would make it easy to sort by: EUR_Vote_Motion59; AMER_Adopt_Policy6. Another example would be separating elections that way: ELECT_Chairperson; ELECT_Treasurer and so on.

Vote choices

Here you can add the choices that the voter will have to pick from. Currently, it is possible to add 2-100 choices. You can add or remove choices with the (-) ad (+) buttons.

Again, naming the choices is optional. If you don’t name the choices, only the numbers will appear for the voters. This may be an option, if you have a different mode of showing the choices to the voters (e.g. a power point presentation) during the vote.

Make it a Motion

If you click “Make it a Motion”, NemoVote will prepopulate the vote with the 3 choices shown above. You may still edit them and add or delete more choices. This was introduced to allow a fast vote on amendments without having to type out the options every time.

Multiple Choice Voting

With the setting of the vote discussed that far, your voters will be able to pick only one selection out of the given choices. It is also possible to offer them to select more than one choice (multiple choice). We explain this specific setting in a different article.

Vote settings

Now the the vote settings. The text is kept very easy to understand but we will go though it quickly:

  • Who can see the results?

You set here if only administrators or also the voters will be able to access the results in NemoVote. The time when they will be able to see the results is set in the next step!

Only voters that where eligible for a vote (i.e. in a voter list that was added to a vote) will be able to access the results. A voter cannot access a result for a vote where they had no right of participation
  • Should the results be accessible before the vote is closed?

We call this function live results. If enabled, the voter will get access to the current results immediately after they voted. If disabled, results can only be access after a vote is closed.

  • Should the usernames of users who have already voted be displayed?

We call this function the in-vote roll call. If enabled, NemoVote will enable showing the information who has already voted in a vote and who has not voted. If you want to keep this information private, you can disable it here.

  • Should the vote be closed automatically?

We explain this function in the next chapter.

Automatic closing of votes

You cal let NmoVote automatically close votes for you. This may be important for keeping certain deadlines – e.g. all voting shall close at midnight. Once you enable it, the form above appears. You can either type your preferred close time in the format YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm or you can click on the date picker icon.

Any date+time picked has to be in the future otherwise you will not be able to create the vote.
Select the date and time within your local time zone! Users of other timezones will see this time calculated to their local timezone in „My votes“ when the vote is opened.

Voting rights

Here you can add voter lists that will be eligible for voting in this vote. In the example above no custom voting list are created, therefore the All voters voter list is set as default.

Create vs. Create and open

Once you are finished with all the settings for you vote you have two options. Well, three actually:

  • Cancel: This will cancel everything that you entered here and bring you back to the overview of votes
  • Create: this will save your vote as a draft
  • Create and Open: this will automatically set your vote to “open”, you wont be able to edit it and voters will be able to start voting.

Actions in the Votes overview

In the Votes overview page you have the following actions available for votes:

  • Duplicate: will create a copy of that vote with all its settings and immediately open the edit page where you can edit it. The vote is not opened that way, you still have to open it.
  • Open: this will set the vote live.
  • Edit: Here you can edit the vote (only available for drafts)
  • Delete: deletes this vote (only available for drafts)
  • Close: Closes the voting (only available for open votes)
  • Progress: will show you the vote progress (only available for open votes, when live results are disabled)
  • Results: will show you the vote results; available for open votes (when live results are enabled) and closed votes

Vote progress (admin)

This is what the vote progress page for the administrator looks like: as you can see the administrator has now access to the live results and to the in-vote roll call because they where disabled.

Vote results (admin)

This is the admin page for an open vote, that has live results and the “show who voted” enabled.

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