Proxy voting with NemoVote

You can easily use NemoVote to implement proxy voting. Proxy in the context of this article means that one of your members "Berlin" could not attend your voter meeting but gave her voting right to another member "Munich" that is present. Thus, Munich has two votes: her own vote (original vote) and the one proxy vote of Berlin that she carries, and thus she can vote twice, once for each vote.

Berlin is not present and thus not added as a voter

Example setting: You have a "Main voter list" where all your voters are included. Then you can add more voter lists, for example "Proxy 1", "Proxy 2" etc. In those lists you only add the voters like Munich that have proxies, so if someone has one proxy you add them to proxy 1; if they have two proxies you add them to Proxy 1 and Proxy 2 and so on.

When creating the vote, you give voting rights to "Main voter list", "Proxy 1" and "Proxy 2" voter lists. A normal voter than can only vote one on the Main voter list, but someone like Munich who is on additional voter lists can vote one vote per voter list that she is on. That voting is done one after the other, they chose for which voter list they vote now and then can vote that vote then the next vote automatically opens. This means proxy votes that are implemented this way are real votes and not just a multiplier of the original vote. n

Munich can vote differently for each vote, for example abstain with the Main voter list vote and vote in favour with the Proxy 1 vote (the voting right that she got from Berlin).