Voter List Management

What is a Voter List?

In NemoVote you can group voters into different voter lists in order to assign them voting rights. One voter can be in several voter lists at the same time. When creating or drafting a new vote, you assign one or more voter lists will be eligible to vote on that vote.

You can also assign a weight for each voter list. A weight needs to be a positive number. That means, if a voter list has the weight "2", voters of that list will count double compared to voter list with the weight "1" and so on. Assigning decimal numbers as weight (e.g. 0,2 or 1,89) is also possible.

In this article we will take a deep look into NemoVote’s User Management. You will learn how to add voters, how to automatically send login mails and much more.

Example use cases for voter list:

  • Group your users according to different region (you have one organisation in each country and want to have votes where only European members can vote in as an example)
  • Assign different weight to different groups of voters (e.g. large countries will have a weight of "2" and smaller will have a weight of "1")
  • Proxy voting (you can add several voter list where voters are added that also carry a proxy vote, so that one voter can vote once for their normal vote and once for their proxy vote). You can find a detailed explanation on how implement voting via proxy with NemoVote in the link bellow.
See also: Proxy Voting

Voter list manager

In the voter list manager you can view, edit, delete and create new voter lists. Each voter list has a name, a weight and a list of voters that are added to that list.

Create a new Voter List

In this part we are going to have a look on how to create a new voter list. You can create a new voter list by clicking "create new voter list in the Voter list manager.

voter list manager

Name the voter list

You can give a voter list any name you choose. We recommend to use clear names that indicate the purpose of the list such as "Europe", "Proxy 1" etc.

new voter list

Weight of the voter list

You can assign to a voter list a weight. A weight is any decimal number above 0. That means if a voter list has the weight 2, voters of that list will count double compared to voter list with the weight 1 and so on.

Voters list members

Here you can assign which voters should be members of that voter list. If the respective voter list is given voting rights, every member of the list gets a voting right for that vote.

Other Voter List Manager Options

In the Voter Lists manager you can see in the table in one glance which voter list exist, how many members it has and in how many votes the list was used.

By clicking on "show votes in this list" you can get a sortable list of all votes in which this list was given voting rights. You can also edit or delete voter lists through the menu in the Voter list manager.

voter list action

Edit Voter Lists

The edit voter list menu is pretty much the same as the "Create Voter List" menu.

edit voter list

Important: Editing voter lists only has an effect on voting rights if the "Adjust voting rights for a vote that is already open" function is activated - and only for voters who have not yet cast their vote! A vote that has already been cast and evaluated cannot be subsequently changed using this function. To protect the immutability and integrity of the results, votes that have already been cast cannot be removed from the database or changed by the system.

"All voters" voter list

NemoVote comes with a permanent "All voters" voter list. This list automatically contains all created voters of the database. This is for organisations, who don’t need several voter lists and just want to start voting.

all voters voter list

Whenever you want a vote to include all voters, you can choose the "all voters" voter list. The list is permanent, it is not possible to edit or delete that list.