Multiple Choice Voting

In this article we will explain how you can work with the multiple choice voting in NemoVote and give your voters the choice to vote for more than one option.

A common use-case is a multi vacancy vote, where you for example have to fill three board positions but have 10 candidates and the voters should pick 3 out of 10 options.

Enable Multiple Choice

select number of vote choices

Click on "Allow multiple choice" to enable the setting. You then will have the possibility to set the amount of selectable choices as either "Exactly" or as "Minimum/Maximum"

select exactly or minimum/maximum

Selectable Choice "Exactly"

If you chose this setting you can enforce for the voter to select a specific number of choices (example given 5 out of 10, no more no less). If you set that number to "1" you are back at the original NemoVote functionality where the voter can select one out of the options.

Selectable Choice "Minimum/Maximum"

Here you can set a minimum and a maximum of the vote choices that the voter can select. If you set both to the same number you achieve the same as in the "Exactly setting". If you set Minimum to "zero" the voter does not have to pick a choice and can abstain from the vote (i.e. leave an empty ballot).

Maximum is the setting of the maximum choices that the voter can make (i.e. "no more than x"), minimum is the minimum number that the voter will have to pick (i.e. "no less than x")