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This article will provide you with an overview of the features we have implemented in NemoVote.

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Voting Features

Real Time Voting

Submitted votes are stored instantaneously and the results are updated automatically in realtime. All votes can be prepared, edited both during the event but also in advance. Next to the manual closing of votes it’s also possible to set automatic open and closure times for votes.

Dynamic setting of voting rights

Voting rights can be adjusted at any time with just one click. New voters can be easily added or removed.

Variety of vote modes

NemoVote offers both single and multiple choice. More advanced vote options, such a minimum or maximum number of votes is also available.

Result accessibility

Results can be set to either private (only Administrators have access) or can be accessible for logged in users in the app. Results can also be shown live during the vote if needed.

Secret or public ballot

The default setting in NemoVote is secret ballot, i.e. it is not saved which voter voted what. But public ballot is also available, where NemoVote saves and displays the information which voter voted what.

Export Results

Results can be exported to PDF after a vote is closed.

Voting in sub-groups

Through voter lists, the total user cohort can be split into different subgroups. A vote can be assigned to all voters or to only a specific voting list. Through voter lists it is also possible to implement for example proxy votes or multiple votes for the same user if needed.

Weighted voting

It is possible to assign a different vote weight to voter lists (and thus to all voters on that list) or to an individual voter. Vote weights can be any number.

Application Features

Add your logo / white label

Add the white label option to your NemoVote event. That way you can change NemoVote to your own corporate ID and add your own logo and  colours to NemoVote. This will improve the overall experience of your voting event for your members. 

In-App automatic roll call for quorum

It is immediately verifiable who is logged into the app and “present”. With this feature you can directly comprehend if your statutory quorum for a vote is reached.

Broadcast to voters

Send links or messages during the meeting directly to your members and use the chat to interact in between votes.

Easy onboarding process

The Administrator can import user data from e.g. Microsoft Excel into NemoVote. The system automatically generates passwords and send them to the users via mail.

Edit the invitation email

You can edit the invitation emails that your voters will receive.

Browser based web application

NemoVote runs in the Web browser of the client. All modern browsers and devices are supported. No downloads or extra apps are needed.

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