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Some times it will be necessary to reset a password of a voter. Passwords can be reseted in NemoVote by the voter themselves and also by the administrator.

Voters can only self-reset their password if an email-address is stored in their NemoVote account.

Password reset by the voter

If a voter has forgotten their password, they cannot login to NemoVote. NemoVote Cloud provides the option to reset the password directly from the main login window.

Click “Forgot password?”

After entering the email and clicking the reset password the voter will get an email with an new password.

Password reset by the administrator

Manual reset (not recommended)

The administrator can manually change a voter’s password directly in the user management by clicking “edit user” and then typing a new password. This function is intended for live, in-person voting events where a voter can approach the administrator desk and have their password reset to a temporary password if they forgot their current password.

For security reasons we do not recommend this method for online voting events (see other option below).
Direct password reset in the “Update User” menu

Automatic reset (recommended)

You can resend an invitation mail to a specific voter by selecting them in the User Management. With this function NemoVote will reset their password and send them a new secure password via email. The voter can login with that new password and then change the password to a different one.

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