Change initial password

Usually, voters in NemoVote are created by the administrator. This means, that each voter will get logins either from the administrator directly, or via the integrated bulk email function in NemoVote (send credentials function).

When the voter then logs in, they will be prompted to change that initial password, and they can set their new password directly on their NemoVote home page.

change the initial password

We highly recommend for all voters to change their initial password for the following reasons: (1) Security: In cases where the login is created by the administrator and then distributed to the voters, the administrator might still have access to a voter’s passwords. (2) Ease of use: the automatically generated password is usually rather cryptic. It is recommended, that passwords are changed to a secure password, that the voter can remember easily.

This prompt will stay in place until the voter changes their initial password. They can opt to not change the password and continue with the initial password.