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NemoVote supports different languages. As of April 2022, English, German, Spanish, French, Dutch, Russian, Danish and Icelandic are available. Further languages are available upon request (and at extra cost depending on the effort/time it takes to implement them).

At the moment the different languages are available for the voter frond-end (the interface that your voters will use to vote in NemoVote. The pages for the administrator will remain in english for now.

Changing Language upon login

Any voter can choose the language directly in the login window. This change will also apply to the text in that window.

Changing Language in the App

You can change your language directly in the app by selecting in the top navigation bar as shown in the picture above.

Setting of Default language (Administrator)

As administrator you can set the default language (the language that will automatically be applied when a voter logs in to NemoVote. They can still change the languages for themselves after login.

You can set the language in the System Management.

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