Setting up NemoVote

This article will give you a short overview of how to proceed after login into NemoVote for the first time as administrator.

So what do you need to take care of to start voting?

Adding your first voters

NemoVote uses a verified voter system, so only someone who is logged in as a voter (via login credentials) and is given voting rights by the administrator can vote in a specific vote. In order to start voting, you need to decide how to add your voters in NemoVote and there are different strategies for different situations. We explain this in detail in our article on Voter Onboarding.

Voting Rights

Now you have all your voters in NemoVote; You may choose to send them their login credentials now or later with our integrated credential email tool. The next thing that you need to do is to consider how to administer your voting rights.

Voting rights in NemoVote are distributed by voter lists. You can group voters into different lists and give one (or several) of those voter lists voting rights for your votes. You can choose for each vote individually which voter lists will get voting rights.

If you have a simple voting system (no subgroups, no weighted voting, no proxies) and just want everyone that is logged in to vote, you don’t need to deal with voter lists. There is already a "All voters" voter list pre-installed (not editable). If you add that list to a vote, everyone will be able to vote. If you wan’t to remove voting rights from individual voters, you will need to create a new voter list though as shown in our article on voter lists.

Adding your first vote

Now that you have voters and voter lists set up you can add your first votes. Within your NemoVote installation, you can create as many votes as you want and have several votes open at the same time.

You can prepare votes in advance and save them as draft votes and set them live when needed.

We go into the details on how to create votes and what the different settings mean in our article linked below.