Support Service Level Agreement

Depending on whether you have booked dedicated live support or not, we offer separate response times. We prioritize based on impact and urgency.

Impact refers to the number of voters/administrators who are affected:

  • High: All Voters and/or Administrators
  • Normal: Some Voters and/or Administrators
  • Low: Individual Voter and/or Administrator

Urgency is how critical the issue is for the customer (time):

  • High: Issues preventing voters from casting their ballot, or preventing administrators from counting the results or activating their ballot, or network outages.
  • Normal: Issues that could prevent a group of voters from casting their vote, or administrative staff making changes to the live vote.
  • Low: Issues that are a nuisance (e.g. problems for which workarounds are available) or problems that can be fixed during normal maintenance.

Depending on the impact and urgency, the priority is set, as you can see here:


Below are the response and resolution time based on the priority:

With booked Live Support

PriorityResponse TimeResolution Time
Critical0,5 hours4 hours
High0,5 hours8 hours
Normal0,5 hours8 hours
Low0,5 hours36 hours

Without booked Live Support (business hours only)

PriorityResponse TimeResolution Time
Critical4 hours8 hours
High8 hours16 hours
Normal16 hours36 hours
Low24 hours48 hours