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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use NemoVote with Zoom/Teams etc?

    It is totally possible to use NemoVote in parallel next to a meeting platform as Zoom. Many of our customers do this in fact. NemoVote in such cases runs as in parallel as an independent platform for the voting and the meeting is handled in the meeting platform. NemoVote logins are kept separate and there is no data shared between NemoVote and other platforms in order to comply with the strict EU data privacy regulation and ensure the security of the voting.

  • What Platform does NemoVote use?

    NemoVote runs fully in the web browser on any modern device (laptop, smartphone, tablet). No downloads or installation of apps is required. People open it like a web page, login once and start 

  • Can I use NemoVote for proxy votes?

    Yes you can, in fact we have a whole article in our knowledge base on proxy voting. You can find it under Usecases > Proxy Voting.

  • What security features does NemoVote offer?

    We designed NemoVote from the ground up to comply with industry standard security requirements. NemoVote offers a wide range of security features to protect your voting and your data, for example: SSL-Encryption, Managed/Self-managed voting, compliant to hight levels of EU and German Data privacy laws.

  • Is voting secret in NemoVote?

    The ballot within NemoVote is fully private. It’s not possible for anyone to find out who voted what way; the information of voter and vote choice are stored in different parts of the database and are not linked

  • Is NemoVote GDPR compliant?

    NemoVote is fully GDPR compliant. All data is hosted on servers within the EU. You can read our our privacy statement here. If you proceed and want to use NemoVote we also sign a data processing agreement with our customers to specify when data should be deleted etc.

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