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With our NemoVote Cloud you have two sorts of plans available:

  • One-time event
  • Subscription

We have chosen to offer those two plans so that our customers have a maximum of flexibility when it comes to their voting and use of NemoVote and full control over the costs.

In short, a one-time event is a one off voting with NemoVote, where you specify the exact dates and then receive your own NemoVote Cloud. After the event the cloud is shut down and no longer available

A subscription is our “always online” solution, where you have access to your own cloud at all times and can vote whenever you want (with the number of voters that your subscription is set up for). This is very useful for customers that vote regularly, e.g. 5x per year, weekly etc. or that need to be very flexible with their voting and have permanent access to NemoVote. 

If you don’t need a subscription but would like to use the same data and logins for future one-time events, you can add that capability with the Data Reuse package. 

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