The intelligent voting solution for your meetings and events

We have redefined electronic voting

NemoVote saves you hours of valuable meeting time


Intuitive Voting Software

We tried to make NemoVote as easy to use as possible so that everyone can utilize it for their votes , elections and live audience feedback.

No downloads - all platforms

NemoVote is hosted on a dedicated server (either on NemoBox or NemoCloud) – you just open it in the browser– no apps or downloads required.

Optimised for NGOs and Organisations

We have significant experience in running meetings and General Assemblies of Non-Governmental Organisations and have optimised NemoVote so you can get the most out of it.

Beautiful User Interface

We are committed to make NemoVote as visually attractive with a state of the art single-page  application and a beautiful user interface.

We have solved the internet connection problem!

Run your votes or elections  “offline” with NemoBox or use online voting with our NemoCloud.

We ship you the NemoBox so you can vote without worries of internet connection

Your Own Server

With NemoVote you get a small but fast server – the NemoBox – that runs the NemoVote application so that all your users can access it with no lags or delays.

Dedicated & Secure Wifi

Your NemoBox creates your own wifi which is used only for NemoVote. That way you have a stable and secure voting wifi for your event and no issues with crashing internet.

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Votes cast

>>We used NemoVote for our General Assembly. It helped us save a lot of valuable meeting time that otherwise would have been lost on counting votes.<<
Stefan U. Hardt (Germany)

President 2016-2017, European Medical Students Association

>>Using NemoVote was simple and efficient. It is everything you could hope for in a voting platform.<<

Liis Kibuspuu (Estonia)

Vice-President External Affairs 2017-2018, Estonian Medical Students Association

NemoPoll - the fast way to vote

Open a vote with only two clicks – just choose the number of options and you are good to go.  You can name your options if you wish, which is directly displayed for your users on their device – no need for typing the options in a powerpoint etc.  And, because we know the needs of NGOs, there is also NemoMotion: you can open a vote with the options “In favour – Against – Abstain” with just one click – the best way to vote fast on many amendments or proposals.

Full & dynamic voter management

NemoVote is very different than the other “event voting/online voting” apps. Yes, you can use Nemovote for audience polls, but it also has a fully grown user management & authentication system, you have full control over who can use the app and access to editing or deleting users. NemoVote has the Dynamic Voting rights feature, which enables you to set or change voting right during the meeting, if someone arrives late or leaves the room during plenary. And your voting & data is secure: Our lead IT developers come from an insurance software background and every request or route in our software is paired with a unique token and authentication guard that ensures the integrity of the ballot.

Development & new features

We have a very clear vision for NemoVote and are establishing continuously new features.  Currently in development are: 


Our most advanced voting tool. You can create a fully functional survey in a visual form builder with instant preview functions:  multiple choice, checkboxes, dropdown selection or open questions – a great tool to run multiple votes at once, for example for an election or to collect feedback forms.

Audience Questions

Your users can ask questions from the audience, a modern way to collect questions for example for a debate or symposium.

NemoVote is  surely one of the most affordable products on the market – by one order of magnitude!

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