NemoVote One-Time Event Bundle

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Please choose your amount of max. voters and voting days you need. If you need more than 1000 voters, please contact us via e-mail to

Data Reuse Package

Do you need to re-use your voter data for future one time events?

1 Week Extended Cloud Access

More time to prepare for your event or to access results

Add your logo/ white label

Change NemoVote to your own corporate ID and add your own logo and  colours to NemoVote.

The intuitive NemoVote Cloud platform enables you to carry out professional voting events. The NemoVote Cloud One-Time Event is ideal for carrying out events like general assemblies, board meetings, annual voting and much more.

For a full documentation of NemoVote, it's capabilities and how to set it up, we have a Knowledge Base set up for you.

How to configure and buy your NemoVote Cloud One-Time Event.

  • In the checkout you choose the dates for your voting and also the name of your vote/event. This name will be included in your NemoVote URL (e.g. This is where you and your voters will login for voting.
  • You will receive the administrator account credentials 5 days before your designated voting date and can immediately sign in, add voters and votes and set everything up in advance. The voters will be able to vote within the voting dates you specified in the checkout. If you need administrator access earlier than 5 days before your event please contact us after the purchase via e-mail at


Data Retention: After your voting dates, you will have 2 more days to access, evaluate and export your results. After that, all data in your cloud will be automatically deleted (as required by EU data privacy law). If you plan another event in the future and want to keep the data and all the voter logins stored until your next event (recommended for ease of use) you can book our Data Reusage package here, which will store your data for one year.

Depending on the number of times you vote per year, it might be advantageous to book an annual subscription plan if you want Data Retention.

Need more voters after you have booked?

If you need additional voters after you have booked your event you can purchase an additional amount of voters here.

Need more voting days after you have booked?

If you need additional voting days after you have booked your event you can purchase more here.

Want to reuse your voter data for future one-time events?

If you want to reuse your voter accounts and voting data you can book our data retention package. More information on that you will find if you click the button below.

Have questions? Search our knowledgebase.