The intelligent voting solution for your meetings and events.

Voting and much more

You can prepare all votes / ballots before starting the meeting and set the votes live during the session when you need them. You can add up to 9 options for each vote, or you can directly open a motion with the options “Yes, No, Abstain”.

Intuitive Voting Software

We tried to make NemoVote as easy to use as possible so that everyone can utilize it for their votes , elections and live audience feedback.

Optimised for NGOs and Organisations

We have significant experience in running meetings and General Assemblies of Non-Governmental Organisations and have optimised NemoVote so you can get the most out of it.


NemoVote saves you hours of valuable meeting time

NemoVote is surely one of the most affordable products on the market – by one order of magnitude!

We have solved the internet problem

Vote in the Cloud or locally with the NemoBox

Your Own Server
With NemoVote you get a small but fast server – the NemoBox – that runs the NemoVote application so that all your users can access it with no lags or delays.
Dedicated & Secure Wifi
Your NemoBox creates your own wifi which is used only for NemoVote. That way you have a stable and secure voting wifi for your event and no issues with crashing internet.

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