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In this article we will take a deep look into NemoVote’s User Management. You will learn how to add voters, how to automatically sent login mails and much more

Access levels in NemoVote

There are two different access levels in NemoVote: administrator and voter.

Administrator: A administrator has full control over the respective NemoVote cloud installation. An administrator has all rights, can add or remove voters and administrators, can open and close votes, delete data etc. 

An administrator does not and cannot have voting rights.  We implemented it this way for reasons of security and transparency.

Voter:  A voter does not have administrative rights in NemoVote. A voter can have voting rights and participate in a vote if the voter is added to a voting lists and a vote.  A voter can participate in the chat. A voter can have access to the results of a  vote if the results are set public. 

User Management

The User Management is your core management for all issues concerning users. You can add, delete, edit, send credentials to one or more voters on this page. We will look at the different available actions in the next chapters together.

Add a single user

A user has several characteristics in NemoVote.

  • Username: This is the main used identifier within NemoVote. Voting privileges are tied to the username. The username has to be unique.
  • Email (optional): mainly for password reset, we recommend to add email addresses for users so that they can self-reset their passwords.
  • Firstname (optional)
  • Lastname (optional)
  • Access level (Administrator or Voter)
  • Password

You can add a single user by clicking “Add user” in the User Management and filling out the fields above.

Add multiple voters

We go into much more detail into this topic in the linked article.

Update user

You can edit a user through the menu edit user. The username cannot be edited after a user is created. To change the username you have to delete the user and create another one with the correct name. All editable fields in this menu are also editable by the user under “My profile” (except the access level of course).

Sent credential mail to all voters

With this function you can send passwords to all voters at the same time. The passwords will be reseted and NemoVote will send secure passwords to each voter via email. Such email can only be send to voters who are registered with a valid email address in NemoVote of course.

Warning: This function will reset the passwords of all voters and send them new passwords. You can also reset the passwords of individual voters via the User Management.

Change voter password

We are going into more detail about the different options of password reset in NemoVote in the following article:

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