• Published: January 2019
  • New feature: Proposals is now available. Let your users submit amendments or motions through the Proposals feature directly to the Administrator. Track timestamped proposals through NemoVote.


In January 2019 we are rolling out the newly implemented Proposals feature. It marks a newly developed function of the NemoVote platform which will enable your users to submit proposals for motions or amendments directly in writing through the NemoVote interface. Nemo also automatically adds a timestamp of the submission time of the proposal, which can be important if your association has deadlines for submitting proposals or motions.  

The Proposals feature implements with the existing Nemo architecture and user login system and adds a new layer of functionality to the app. 

Whit the Proposals feature administrators of a meeting or assembly can comfortably collect proposals for new motions or amendments through NemoVote and have them readily available in the digital format for further processing (opening votes, adding the submissions to the official minutes of the meeting). In case the NemoBox is used for the meeting, the submission of such a proposal does not depend on a stable internet connection and users are not put into disadvantage when they want to submit something via their email client but cannot do so because the Internet connection keeps failing them.

What do Administrators need to do to prepare for this update?

You don’t need to do anything. The new feature will be upgraded to your installation of NemoVote automatically and turned on the next time you log in. 

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