Dear NemoVote community, in the name of the whole team at NemoContra we wanted to wish you a successful and healthy new year.

2018 has been a really great year for the NemoVote system, we were able to add several new functions to Nemo, such as the introduction of a chat between the logged in users. Recently we also released a function that enables your participants to submit amendments or motions directly to the administrator. We will report on that new function soon in a separate blog post.

Also, a lot of modifications where made to the system “under the hood”, that wont be immediately obvious to the enduser but brought us a long way of increasing the performance and security of the system.

Furthermore in 2018 we were able to do several improvements to the NemoBox hardware. Early in 2018, power over ethernet (PoE) functionally was introduced to the NemoBox. Later in the year, we began a major overhaul of the actual NemoBox, which is now being 3D-printed which allows us to optimise further for features that are important to our costumer base, such as small form factor. Further, we could improve cooling capabilities so that the box can run easily for the whole. Day (or weekend without getting hot).

It’s gonna be a very exciting year 2019 ahead – we will keep you posted about the latest developments in the NemoWorld.

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