In early December last year the NemoVote team was invited to the bvmd  (German medical Students’ Association) congress in Mainz, Germany. This marked the first field test of our NemoBox 2.0, which is the much smaller and more versatile sister of our first iteration. We were able to test the Nemo box as an audience response system in several sessions. The first was heldSaturday evening after presentation of Doctors without Borders. The second test was at the Closing Ceremony on Sunday. We were very happy to see the system working stable with almost 200 people logged in and voting simultaneously.

The measurements we were able to do in the main plenary room confirm our confidence that the Wi-Fi will enable connections for a much larger number of users and for significantly wider distances so that 200 voters will be by far not the upper limit of what the NemoBox 2.0 will be capable of.

One of the takeaway messages that we got from the test conducted this congress was to further improve the sign up function for example directly with a social media account. Furthermore we were able to present the NemoVote system and hardware during the project fair of the event which was attended by over 300 students.

The NemoVote team would like to thank the bvmd board for enabling us to conduct this important field test and we’re looking forward to a close future collaboration and further endeavors with the bvmd and Germany’s medical students in 2018.

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