How do you create an effective and efficient web application? At Nemo vote with our electronic voting application we are thinking a lot about this question. Obviously, the main idea of NemoVote is to solve connectivity issues that have been hindering real-time online voting at events. I am not speaking about a mere audience poll where it does not matter if all votes reach the server but of a secure verified voting-rights based system where every vote is reliably counted. And NemoVote offers two solutions for that: the off-line solution with our own NemoBox server and the online solution with NemoCloud.

Our main goal from day one was to keep the communication between the client (the voter/user) and the voting server (either on our NemoBox or in the NemoCloud) as light as possible, to ensure an more usage of the bandwidth of either your internet connection or the NemoBox Wi-Fi. We achieve this by taking several measures, the most important being the NemoVote is a modern one-page web application powered by Google’s angular platform; the whole rendering and routing is done on the client’s device and communication with our server only needed when information is exchanged for example if the user votes.

In the last couple of months you’re working very heavily on how to make the NemoVote server run as efficiently as possible to ensure it can handle high loads during electronic voting and also all the network traffic.

Parallel instances on the NemoVote server

Just recently we were able to finish the update that allows the NemoVote server to run in parallel instances and solving the problem and how those instances  communicate with each other during the live vote. A lot of hard work was involved and it is a small breakthrough for us because it allows the NemoBox to handle much larger number of clients in simultaneous connections. Another important step towards our goal of creating the lightest hardware solution to power voting for large audiences. Currently we undertaking tests in several high load scenarios with this new server version and are looking forward to implement this very important background function in the live production version in the next couple of weeks.

NemoVote – Online and Offline wifi voting specifically designed for NGOs and nonprofits

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