Hello Nemo-World,

We are happy to report that we have added another function to NemoVote. This may seem like a rather small one, but its the small details that matter when you want to run the most efficient meeting and want to use your valluable face-to-face time debating the issues that matter for you and your members and not loose time in counting votes or creating Powerpoint slides for the vote or typing in the same answers over and over again.

NemoMotion is a very simple poll, it has only three choices: In Favor, Against, Abstain. You can open it with 2 clicks. You don’t even need to add a title as the Nemo engine automatically adds a time and date stamp, but of course you can add the title or frame the question. You can use NemoPoll to make fast votes on motions or amendments for example or to solve other questions that would require only those three options. Everything is recorded like a normal poll, so you have all the options such as live poll or secret poll and can access a recent motion through your normal poll dashboard.


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