Through a collaboration with the European Medical Students’ Association ( which was organised at the Semmelweis University in Budapest, Hungary from 02.-07. September.  The meeting market the first beta test deployment of Nemo at an actual conference. Nemo was used to vote on motion, amendments and even elections of the EMSA European Board. Almost 60 users received logins and were able to vote simultaneously and over the course of 4 days over 3000 votes were casted using NemoVote. Over 250 students from all over Europe came together in Budapest to discuss and adopt policy papers, vote on motions, participate in training’s and workshops and listen to speakers from other NGOs such the Standing Committee of European Doctors (CPME) and the British Medical Association (BMA).

The meeting was a full success and after some initial hiccups, Nemo was running stable; this first real-life test gave us a lot of insight in the needs of our costumers during such meetings and as the whole NemoVote team traveled to Budapest and was available during the plenaries for technical support, we were able to fix some minor bugs and also implement some customized changes to the software.

We would like to thank EMSA Europe for the partnership agreement and for the opportunity to deploy Nemo at the EMSA GA, which was a win-win for both parties as EMSA saved a lot of time with voting and was able to test the Nemo system as the first NGO and for us it marked the start of the very important feedback-loop. We are looking further to future endeavors with this exciting and promising partnership with EMSA Europe and are looking forward to the EMSA events in 2018 when we hopefully will be able to hear the sentence again: motion passed nemo contra.

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