Hi everyone, finally all the parts have been shipped to us and we have spent this weekend to build and configure the first prototype of the NemoBox mini server. It contains of a small PC and a wifi router and we will use it as a test bench for evaluating and testing our concept. In two weeks we our NemoBox will travel to Ljubljana, Slovenia where it will experience a first real-life test at the General Assembly of the European Medical Students’ Association (www.emsa-europe.eu).
The Nemobox at the moment has roughly the base size of a A4 paper and is 9cm high. This is much better than we originally hoped for, everything in the case is packed very tight, there is hardly any space between the motherboard and the router. As NemoVote grows and we get more confident with our hardware we will try to make NemoBox even lighter and smaller so you can take it easily with you to your meeting or ship it at low cost.

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