Student Leaders Offer

Get NemoVote Cloud for free for one of your events in 2019!

Try NemoVote Cloud for free!

With this offer bring the barrier of entry down to zero so you can try our NemoVote online-cloud at one of your meetings next year and see for yourself how much delays and stress you will avoid – no risk or costs for you and no strings attached.

Want to use NemoVote, but internet connection is bad?

This offer is only for the NemoCloud online version, but if you want to rent a NemoBox you can also use the form below and we will sent you an offer. Renting prices are very cheap for student NGOs!

How does it work?

Register your organisation’s event until 31.12.2019 through this page. We need the dates so we can plan the availability of the cloud service.

 You will get access to a free webinar and further documentation, explaining in depth all functions of NemoVote and how to use the cloud in the most effective way for your meeting.  Before your event, you will get the admin logins to the cloud and can start voting.

NemoVote – the intelligent electronic voting solution.

Get your free offer for one 2018 event of your NGO


You and your users log in to and vote there. Everything is hosted in a cloud on redundant servers. All you need is a good internet connection for your users, NemoVote code is kept as small as possible and it requires a small bandwidth per user. We feel very strongly that it’s not only the most affordable solution for voting with a full user + voting rights management but that it’s also what you need – because we come from a students’ association background and have run many meetings ourselves. With this offer you can use the NemoCloud for one of your events next year completely for free.

NemoBox (not included in offer)

You don’t think your wifi or internet connection at your venue is strong enough for online voting? We know the pain, having seen the internet connection fail at countless meetings, even in the most renowned universities or hotel auditoriums. That is why we worked out a solution: our NemoBox is a tiny computer that runs the server for NemoVote and opens a wifi network just for voting. You don’t have to worry about a stable internet connection, you just plug the power cables in and position the wifi access point to start voting – everything is pre-configured, plug and play. Because the system uses mesh wifi technology, it’s highly scalable to cover hundreds of people if needed. We just ship some additional mesh wifi antennas and you are good to go. Those also only need a power plug, so you can easily place them and there is no cable mess. So if you don’t have the internet connection to use it online, you can rent a NemoBox for your event. You can also register through the link below and make sure to tick NemoBox and we will send you an offer of how much renting the box for your event would cost – including 50% Student NGO discount!

We used NemoVote for our General Assembly. It helped us save a lot of valuable meeting time that otherwise would have been lost on counting votes.

Stefan U. Hardt (Germany)

President 2016-2017, President European Medical Students Association 2016-2017

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Conditions of this offer:

This is a pro-bono offer for student organisations(applicant). It applies for using NemoCloud for one event per student organisation. The event must take place between 01.01.-31.12.2019. The offer is depending on the availability of the NemoCloud and will be distributed on a first come first serve basis and is to be considered non-binding. NemoContra is allowed to refuse organisations without further justification. Such reasons can be unclear student organisation status, non-non-compatibility with the Mission and Vision of NemoContra or non-compliance of the applicant with the German law. NemoVote will not be liable for any damages (financial or non-financial) to the applicant for services provided under this offer.