The inteligent electronic voting for NGOs and Organisations – online or offline. Fast, secure, beautiful.

Gorgeous Design - Fast like the wind

Nemo is a modern, beautifull single-page web app. It is the fastes

Run the best meeting you can!

Save valluable meeting time and run the most efficient meeting you can. Your team and participants with thank you!

No downloads, no apps, all platforms!

NemoVote works on any device with a modern web browser – smartphone, tablet, laptop. Your participants have powerfull voting devices with them – make use of them with Nemo!

Pricing and Ordering

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We want to empower the youth and give huge discounts (50% and more) to youth and student organisations. Furthermore, every nonprofit is also eligible for a discount. We are committed to keep NemoVote the most affordable system on the market and prices as low as possible. Therefore, NemoCloud is priced on a per-user basis (you pay only for the users you actually need) and NemoBox (as it is a short time lease shipment) is paid on a per day basis (again with discounts for NGOs starting from the second day).
We want to make the fairest offers we can, so tell us the details about your organisation and we will sent you our offer.

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